I’m Bianca Rose, Psychic Medium and Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner.

Medium Bianca Rose

My name is Bianca Rose. I was born with the ability to see and hear things that most people generally can not. 

Since I was a little girl I was able to hear, see, feel and especially speak to the “dead”. My everyday experiences while growing up consisted of not only talking to spirits, but also talking to my spirit guides and angels.

My mother tells this story:

“When Bianca was around the age of five years old, she leaned against our basement door one day after school while taking off her shoes. It swung open, with her crashing to the bottom, these stairs led to hard cement floors. Rushing after her I feared the worst. Bianca opened her eyes to look up at me, with not a tear on her face and began to say remarkable words ‘It’s okay mommy, an angel caught me.’ There was not a bruise or mark on her body.”

This was my normal. Sometimes I simply just knew things without fully understanding why, regardless if it be the past, present or future, was something I experienced daily growing up. 

My soul purpose in this life and the reason I was born, was to be a healer. To help and to heal as many people as possible. At a young age I knew that if I put my hands over my loved ones, whether it be people or animals, I could feel their energy and had the strongest sense I could heal them with my hands.

Reiki and the gift of mediumship fills my soul. Healing others mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually has been my soul’s purpose since birth. I am here fully to serve the world of spirit and the world of the living. I wish so much love and light to you on your journey and I am looking forward to connecting to your soul.

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As a psychic medium, I help you come closer than ever to your loved ones in spirit, your spirit guides and your higher self.

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